30+ Years of Experience
30+ Years of Experience

Premier and Trusted Pattern Marking & Grading Experts

Premier and Trusted Pattern Marking & Grading Experts

Our pattern marking and grading techniques prioritize quality, accuracy, and consistency and aim to reduce wasted resource costs by creating a more precise and compact fabric guideline for each garment.

Trusted by Established Brands
Anthony Cibelli placing paper patterns on top of graded plotter paper to test for quality control and consistency across the grade rules and sizing.
Anthony Cibelli placing paper patterns on top of graded plotter paper to test for quality control and consistency across the grade rules and sizing.
Experts in Garment Patterns

Extensive Knowledge of Garment Cutting, Sewing, and Pattern Making

Top Notch Pattern Service is a garment pattern marking and grading company based in the New York City Garment District. Our specialties include pattern marking, grading, and digitizing, with a focus on accuracy and minimizing fabric redundancy.

  • 30+ Years Of Pattern Marking and Grading, and Digitizing Experience

  • Specializes in Women’s, Children’s, and Men’s Fashion
  • Proudly Serving the New York City Garment District
  • Offering 24 – 48 Hour Turn Around Times
  • Local Pick Up / Delivery in New York City

Software & File Delivery

Experienced with Industry Leading Software


After successfully sketched and reviewed, Top Notch can store your styles, blocks, or slopers onto our databases and digitally deliver the file anywhere in the world via email.

Pattern Services

Our Pattern Marking and Grading Services

Specializing in Pattern Grading, Digitizing, and Marker Making for Men’s, Women’s, and Children’s garments.

Pattern Digitizing

Precise 2D pattern digitizing services using advanced software and CAD systems for accuracy and accessibility.

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Pattern Grading

Accurate pattern grading for apparel manufacturing. Custom specifications and industry-standard sizing are available.

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Pattern Marker Making

Reduce fabric yield and maximize your apparel manufacturing with Top Notch Pattern’s marker making services.

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Plotting & Printing

Plotting your markers on our precisely calibrated machines ensure your pattern designs will be accurate when they hit the cutting room.

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Paper Pattern Making

Top Notch Pattern is partnered with Annie Masarie to offer full in-house pattern making services. Tech-Packs, Sewing Samples, Fitting, etc.

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Isolation Gowns Contracts

Top Notch Pattern is working with the State of New York to produce and manufacturer isolation gowns for first care responders.

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Success Story

How We Fixed American Eagle’s Fabric Yield And Reduce Fabric Waste by 47%

With Our Marking and Grading Services We helped Saved

Dollars Saved
Fabric Yards Reduced

Recommended By Industry Professionals

Production Manager

“I have been working with Top Notch since 2003 and owe most of my grading/marking knowledge to them. The team at Top Notch has taught me a lot about what I am passing and even how I can improve my production. They are very hands-on, knowledgeable, and speedy when needed. I have worked with TN at two different companies and each time they have excelled my expectations. It is hard to find good people in this industry but Top Notch is definitely one of them!”

Lead Production Manager

“I have worked with Top Notch Pattern service for over 20 years with three different retail companies and their attention to detail and on time performance is second to none. I would not consider working with any other company than them.”

Domestic Production Manager

“The most important commodity in our industry is equity. Through their expertise and excellent service, they have created and solidified an equitable 10 year relationship with Betsey Johnson. Anthony and his team members’ unparalleled attention to detail and consistent on-time performance allows them to lead in the marking/grading industry. Till this day, Top Notch Pattern continues to exceed service standards. I confidently stand by their service and will recommend them to anyone.”