Plotting and Printing

Plotting your markers on our precisely calibrated machines ensure your pattern designs will be accurate when they hit the cutting room.

What is Plotting and Printing?

In the clothing manufacturing process, pattern plotting and printing are crucial steps in pattern development. This involves creating large-scale paper markers or individual graded sizes from digital pattern files using specialized plotters or large-format printers. The goal is to produce an accurate and scaled physical representation of the digital pattern. Once the design is finalized, the pattern is sent to the cutting room, where the fabric is laid out on a table, and the marker is placed on top to outline and cut each piece. The cut fabric is bundled and sent to the sewing contractor. The completed garments are then sewn together by the contractor and returned to the manufacturer. Pattern plotting ensures that the pattern is available in a tangible format for activities such as cutting, sample making, and quality control.

Plotters and printers ready to plot markers, digital patterns, and garment samples
Wide shot of the Top Notch Pattern office showing plotters and printers, a marker on the table in the middle ready for garment cutting and samples, a paper pattern on Lectra digitizer table, background of skyscraper in garment district of NYC

What is the purpose of Plotting and Printing?

In the world of pattern development, plotting and printing serve an essential purpose – to convert digital pattern files into physical formats that can be used for cutting samples or for production in clothing manufacturing. Their significance lies in their ability to bridge the gap between digital and physical aspects of pattern development. Tangible representations of patterns are created through plotting and printing, which can be visually inspected, shared, and used during different stages of the production process. This, in turn, ensures accuracy, streamlines the pattern development workflow, and improves communication. Having physical patterns through plotting and printing enables manufacturers to make informed decisions, improve quality control, and achieve desired results in the final garments.

Our Plotting and Printing services include the following:

Premium Paper

Experience quality with premium paper for precise pattern plotting and printing.

Calibrated Plotters for Pattern Accuracy

Ensure pattern accuracy with calibrated plotters for precise plotting and printing.

Local Delivery in NYC

Enjoy convenient local delivery in NYC for a seamless pattern plotting and printing experience.

Print-outs to cut garment samples

Obtain print-outs ready for sample cutting, expediting your prototyping process.

Plotting and Printing FAQ’s

The plotters used for pattern plotting and printing have dimensions of 72 inches and 63 inches. These measurements refer to the width of the plotter, indicating its capacity to handle large-scale printing and accommodate patterns of various sizes.

The paper thickness we use for pattern plotting and printing is 9mm. This thickness is specifically chosen to provide the necessary durability and stability required for handling large-scale patterns. The robustness of the paper ensures that it can withstand the plotting and printing processes without tearing or warping, especially during travel.
Typically, our plotters take less than an hour to fully print out the marker or pattern.
Close of plotter paper roll with the dimensions of 72 inches and thickness of 9mm