Pattern Making

Top Notch Pattern is partnered with Annie Masarie to offer full pattern making services.

We’re excited to announce that we have partnered with Annie Masarie to offer a full Pattern Making services.

We’re excited to announce that we have partnered with Annie Masarie to offer full Pattern Making services.

Top Notch Pattern Services and Annie Masarie have partnered to offer full pattern making services

About Annie Masarie

Annie Masarie is an exceptional pattern maker specializing in a wide range of fashion categories such as outerwear, bottoms, plus size, activewear, and children’s wear. With her extensive experience and unwavering dedication, she is determined to bring the art of fit to a whole new level.

What sets Annie apart is her remarkable talent for expanding size options and guiding emerging brands in launching their collections with a solid foundation. Her expertise is evident in the strong base fit she provides, ensuring that every garment expands off industry standards to enhance the wearer’s comfort and style.

Annie’s journey into pattern making began with a degree in Apparel Production from Colorado State University, and she has since amassed 12 years of invaluable industry experience. Her technical knowledge and attention to detail have propelled numerous apparel companies nationwide to great success.

In 2018, Annie embarked on a new chapter by relocating from the Garment District of New York City to the artistic hub of Nashville. There, she established her own pattern studio and is available for on-site or virtual fittings and pattern work.

If you are searching for a pattern maker to transform your fashion vision into a reality, Annie Masarie is your go-to professional. Her commitment to perfection and love for her craft make her a sought-after partner in the industry.

Annie Masarie sitting on table with paper patterns around her, garments and suit jackets hanging in the background, Clothing Measuring Tape around her neck, mannequins and sewing machines in the background for sizing and fitting

Pattern Making Services Offered:

1st Patterns Through Production Patterns

From initial 1st patterns to detailed production patterns, we provide comprehensive pattern making services to bring your designs to life.

Cutting and Sewing Sample

Accurate cutting and sewing samples for replicating designs and precise construction of garment prototypes.

Fitting And Fit Consultation

Comprehensive fitting and fit consultation to ensure garments align with desired measurements and offer optimal fit and comfort.

Tech Pack Creation

Tech pack creation to streamline the production process, providing detailed specifications and instructions for accurate and efficient garment manufacturing.

Sizing Consulting

Utilizing industry stands to help determine the optimal range of sizes for your garments, ensuring a perfect fit for your target audience.

Factory Communication

Offering factory communication to be the middle-man regarding technical knowledge, seamless collaboration, and effective manufacturing.

Digital Patterns

Easily accessible and adaptable digital patterns available in various file formats (.DXF, .MDL, .HPGL, Gerber), with options for printing or digital delivery in any paper width.

Pattern Printing

Physical printing of paper patterns for cutting, sample making, and quality control in clothing manufacturing.

Trusted By Established Brands

As well as other brands such as Pima Doll, Kenny Bonavitacola, Palmiers du Mal, All 67 by Jeff Cafone, & Nora Gardner

Contact Annie

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Pattern Making FAQ’s

We can start anywhere! A reference sample, inspiration photos, or a sketch are all helpful. I need the body measurements of your fit model to ensure a great fit. Knowing your end price point is also best, so I can make constructive suggestions to help you achieve your margin goals.

The fitting can happen on your end or mine.  I work with various male and female fit models in both standard and plus sizes and can facilitate the fitting in Nashville.  Or, I can video in and talk through any fit changes.  If you feel confident fitting on your own, you can send me fit comments and photos, and I can take it from there.

I sure can!  I work with a network of fantastic sample sewers and can help you every step of the way.  If you already have a manufacturer lined up, I recommend asking them to do sampling if it is an option.  This can save time in the pre-production phase as the manufacturer is already familiar with your product.
You can do as many rounds of pattern corrections and sampling as you want to achieve exactly what you’re aiming for.

I can provide digital patterns in many file types, including .DXF, .MDL, .HPGL, and Gerber.  If you want a paper copy, I can print it for you or provide you an Illustrator or PDF file in any paper width. All patterns come with a spec sheet, and cutters must detailing the pieces, trims, as well as cutting and sewing instructions.

I offer consulting for grade rules and can guide you to ensure your sizing works with your production budget and aligns with brands your target customer is accustomed to! I can also provide a customer-facing size guide for you.
Once I have all the information and details about your design, I will provide you with a binding estimate so you know the maximum you will be paying before we hit go. Providing a reference sample and/or garment specs can save me time and you money!
Two weeks. If you are in a hurry, I can bump you up the line for a small rush fee.
Paper patterns and specification sheets hanging from Lectra systems digitizer table.